Not all beauty products that are available on the market nowadays are healthy. Some of them contain dangerous chemicals which can cause serious health problems in time. You can avoid this to happen by using certain substitutes. Have a look at the following 3 natural substitutes for common beauty products.

1. Use castor oil instead of a lash growth serum

Many types of lash growth serums can be found on the market nowadays, and most of them can cause adverse reactions. The best 2016 eyelash growth serum is Latisse, but according to customer reviews, this product can cause iris discoloration.

In order to obtain longer and thicker lashes, a safer approach is to use castor oil. Besides the fact that your health won’t be affected in any way whatsoever, you will obtain a fantastic result with little money. You can apply it by using a cotton ball, once a day, for several days. It is better to do this before you go to bed so that the castor oil has plenty of time during the night, to do its job. Many people who have tried castor oil, stated that it is a lot better than any of the best 2016 eyelash growth serum products.

2. Choose a natural alternative to your toothpaste

There are some voices who say that all types of toothpaste that are on the market nowadays can lead to cancer and thyroid disease, due to the fact that they contain fluoride which is very dangerous. However, you can easily replace your toothpaste with a natural formula. Mix peppermint liquid castile soap with baking soda, until you obtain a thick paste. Once you have the paste, you can just put it in a recipient and use it as normal. It is very easy to obtain, cheap, and most of all natural. By using this paste, you can be sure that your health won’t be affected at all.

3. Replace your body lotion with coconut oil

All women use body lotion after each shower or bath. Most of these products contain some chemicals which are quickly absorbed by the body, and this increases the risk of developing cancer at some point. The chemicals are stored in the fat tissue, and this can affect very much pregnant women especially. However, the easiest and the most natural and efficient way to hydrate your skin is by using coconut oil. Due to the fact that it is antibacterial, coconut oil will not cause breakouts. You can also mix it with certain essential oils or herbs, in order to create a formula for your specific skin. The coconut oil is without a doubt one of the natural substitutes for common beauty products, that can be easily used for fantastic results.

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