Chances are that for the vast majority of adults, the idea of going without alcohol for a full month doesn’t sound like such a big deal. Nevertheless, it’s really not until you set about a month booze-free that you realise just how many times during the average month you find yourself reaching for a tipple or two.  Even if you aren’t a regular or heavy drinker, it’s inevitable that alcohol will cross your path more regularly than you realise.

From a romantic dinner for two to a weekend football match to parties to unexpected visitors and so on, it really is quite amazing how constantly alcohol seems to play a role in everything we do. Nevertheless, it’s a well-known and well documented fact that the vast majority of adults could do with cutting down at least a little. After all, you don’t necessarily have to find yourself considering residential rehab centres for alcoholics, in order to benefit from backing off from booze at least a little.

So with this in mind, what follows is a quick rundown of 9 things you’ll figure out by cutting off booze for just a single month:

  1. Memory. First of all, cutting out booze for just a few weeks might just bring about the realisation that your memory isn’t quite as bad as you thought it was. If you’re the kind of person who goes out on a regular basis only to not remember a single thing that happened the night before, you might be amazed just how much more pleasant it is to wake up with your memory intact.
  2. Hangovers. The older you get, the more every hangover you earn seems to drag on and generally destroy your free time. The simple fact of the matter is that if you felt as ill as you do during a hangover at any other time in life, you would probably call for an ambulance. Still, you put yourself through this misery each and every weekend, robbing yourself of most of your free time for the sake of living it up for a couple of hours the night before. When you back away from booze, you realise just how tedious and unnecessary hangovers really are.
  3. Cash. Chances are you are also considerably worse off financially than you currently believe you are – those drinks don’t pay for themselves! It can be quite shocking to say the least, but if you were to sit down and genuinely go through how much cash you had blown on nothing but alcohol and hangovers over the last couple of years…well, let’s just say there are probably much bigger and better things you could have spent it on!
  4. Problems. You may also find that you have considerably less problems than you thought, once you give booze a miss for a while. Alcohol has a tendency to turn most of us into drama queens, both at the time itself and during the inevitable hangover. Remove the alcohol from the equation and you likewise remove so many problems that are not and were never really problems at all.
  5. Health. Even just a moderate reduction in alcohol consumption can have an extremely beneficial effect on your immune system. And given the fact that your immune system is what protects you from getting sick, this is a good thing!
  6. Mistakes. The only thing worse than remembering absolutely nothing from the night before is summarily being reminded that you made an absolute fool of yourself in front of those you are trying to impress. Seriously – the kinds of mistakes each and every one of us have made over the years due to alcohol consumption would not make for pretty reading! So, why not take back control over the decisions you make and kiss goodbye to drinks and mistakes?
  7. Sobriety. Guess what – it is perfectly possible to go out and have a fantastic time while sober. And the simple fact of the matter is that if you do not think this is true, it simply proves that you have never really tried it for yourself.
  8. Sleep. Alcohol can certainly help you fall asleep in the first place, but the effect it has on the quality of the sleep you get can be quite devastating. Even if you think you have relatively healthy and consistent sleeping habits right now, just wait and see how incredible you feel when alcohol is removed from the equation!
  9. Work. Last but not least, without alcohol, you might even find that the early morning work isn’t quite as painful as you thought it was. And for that matter, getting the job done while free and clear is a world away from ploughing through your day with a crippling hangover.


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