As a parent you cross through two main events in your life, the moment when your baby arrives and the moment when they leave your house. You did great when they arrived, but you cannot imagine how difficult it would be now when they will have to leave for college. One day your house is full, and the next day you remain with your partner, and you have so much free time. You will have to find new hobbies and make new friends because all your free time was used on helping them. You have to do your best to not spend your days mourning for your child, because they will come back, but only to visit you. You have to understand that they are a step closer to adulthood, and you have to support them, and show them that they can count on you if they need help. You should not show them that you are emotionally weak because they will feel nervous too. Here are some tips that will help you cope with this situation.

Plan their departure

You will have to prepare yourself with some time before the child will leave your house, because you have to get accustomed with the situation. Now all their things may be spread around the house, but if you keep them in sight they will continually remember you of their departure and you will feel sad. It is advisable to check the storage units near you and take there all the things they will not need when they will come home for a vacation. You will need to fill your time with doing something, and if you see their stuff everywhere around the house, you will not be in the mood to move on.

Focus on doing other things

In case this is the first child who leaves for college, then you still have someone to focus your attention on, because your other children will need your attention. But if they are the only child you have, then you will have to focus on your relationship with your partner and to find new activities you two would like to get involved in. This is the time to care more for yourself, because for the last few years all you wanted was to offer your children all they need.

Invest in tech support

Just because they left home it does not mean that you cannot communicate with them. You should invest in devices that offer you the possibility to keep in touch with your children. They have their phone everywhere, so you can invest in a smartphone that offers you the possibility to communicate with them, both by calls and by video-calls. Also, you can install Skype on your computer and talk with them once or twice a week. It will be easier for you to cope with this change. Until you find some new activities and hobbies, you will probably spend more time in talking to them by phone and Skype, but later you will only check-up to see how they are doing.

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