Those who enjoy practicing various sports have probably sustained at some point a minor injury. However, people who have not been very active until this point and have decided to try a new sport and get into a better shape may not know how to react when dealing with an injury.

What are sports injuries?

Simply stated, sports injuries are the injuries that happen when exercising or playing various sports. Some are caused by various accidents while others are the result of improper gear, poor training practices or not warming and stretching enough before exercising. Some of the most common sports injuries that occur are swollen muscles, fractures and dislocations, sprains and strains and Achilles tendon injuries. These injuries can be chronic or acute, depending on the severity of the situation. Whenever they get injured, people should ask for the help of a Gold Coast physio and sport health physician, as they could recommend a possible treatment or at least teach them how to avoid such injuries in the future.


What is the difference between a chronic and an acute injury?

On the one hand acute injuries occur relatively sudden, while exercising and their symptoms can include, severe pain, the impossibility of placing weight on a foot, leg, ankle or knee, a bone that is visibly out of place, swelling and others. Usually strained backs, dislocated shoulders and fractured bones are considered acute injuries. On the other hand, chronic injuries are the result of exercising or playing a certain sport for a long period of time. The pain caused by chronic injuries is not always as severe as the one in acute cases, but it can be felt by the patient even when they rest or throughout their exercising period.


What should people do when they get injured?

One of the biggest mistakes a person could make is try to work through the pain because this will only worsen their condition and prevent them from healing properly. This is why whenever they feel pain they should stop exercising and if the pain continues during the next hours they should see a doctor right away. As a rule of thumb, a doctor should be seen if you cannot put any weight on the affected area, when the joint feels unstable, in case of numbness or swelling in a certain area or in case you are in a really bad pain. If you do not have any of these symptoms, you do not need to see a doctor, but you should still stop exercising and apply ice on the affected area.


How are sports injuries treated?

The treatment for sports injuries can vary depending on the case, but the options can involve anything from anti-inflammatory drugs and immobilization to surgery and rehabilitation exercises. The doctor will assess your condition and recommend the best course of treatment for you case. One thing is for sure, you should always follow the indications of your physician carefully, as they will determine how long it will take you to recover from your injuries.

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