People who are over 65, or seniors, generally tend to spend well over 10 hours sitting or lying down. In the long run, this sedentary lifestyle causes them a variety of health problems, including increased chances of type 2 diabetes, stroke, heart disease, dementia, or depression. But these horrible statistics can easily change if the seniors simply become active by practicing a sport that is appropriate for them. If you’re in this situation or you have a senior relative who you want to help become more active, continue to read this article to find out what are the appropriate sports for seniors.


Golf is the most popular sport among seniors due to the fact that it offers a great cardio workout, it makes them sit in the great outdoors for hours, and it’s extremely fun to play. But some are confronted with difficulties when they try to play because of their weakened vision. Fortunately, with the appearance of so many top quality golf rangefinders, even seniors who can’t see very well over a large distance will be able to zoom in and view their targets better. A quick analysis of a golf rangefinders comparison can help even beginner golfers choose the right device to accompany them on the golf course.  Therefore, even if you or the senior person who you want to help become more active have problems with your vision, simply use a golf rangefinder and give golf a try. This entertaining sport will surely provide the exercise needed to stay active, and it will help when it comes to boosting the overall health as well.

Doubles tennis

Tennis is another light sport that seniors can play in order to remain active. The reason why we recommend for it to be played in teams of two is because this way the game will be more friendly, requiring less running on the court. Also, when it’s played in pairs, it offers the chance of better socialization, improving the mood of the players and being more fun to play it overall.


Swimming benefits both the body and the mind, this sport being ideal for seniors to practice due to the fact that it offers an amazing cardio workout. Also, despite what you might initially think, this sport is extremely safe to practice. Even if the senior doesn’t know how to swim, there are a lot of equipment that can be used for that person to do the necessary movements in the water without being in any danger.

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