If you are in need of a top-rated lawn mover, and you are considering getting a gas mower, you might want to think twice about that. The way the gas lawn mowers work is different than the way the electric ones work, and they tend to be more dangerous due to the use of gas. For various reasons, gas lawn mowers put your health at risk and can become real dangers if you don’t know how to handle them properly. To educate you in this matter, we will show you how gas mowers work, which are their main flaws, and how can you avoid getting hurt while handling these machines.

Carbon monoxide exposure

When you think of gas, the main thing that comes to your mind is the combustion and the gasses released in the air. What results from burning gas is carbon monoxide, a very dangerous emission that is responsible for many health problems. There have been many situations of household gas poisoning due to gas-powered lawn mowers that are very heavy and release large amounts of carbon monoxide. You will not even know you are being exposed to carbon monoxide because you can’t see, smell or taste this harmful emission, but you can be sure to suffer from gas poisoning if you experience dizziness, chest pain, headaches, tremors, loss of consciousness, and difficulty in moving or speaking. If you sense these symptoms while or after mowing the lawn with a gas lawn mower, chances are you are at risk of gas poisoning and you must seek medical care immediately. Gas poisoning can even threat your life, so you must be very careful around your gas lawn mower.

Dangers of refueling the gas mower

Another health hazard involving gas lawn mowers is related to the way you refuel your machine because gas mowers can become very dangerous if you don’t handle them properly. Most of the times a gas mower runs out of gas, the engine starts to sputter and eventually stalls out while you are mowing and the first thing you do is grab a gas can and pour gas into the engine. Some people do this before the engine runs out completely, which is a dangerous thing to do. When you refuel your gas lawn mower, it’s very important that you let the engine stop and cool down before adding more gas to it and you must always use a funnel to avoid gas from spreading over the engine. Otherwise, the hot engine could ignite the gas fumes and you could start a fire that would seriously injure you. A top-rated lawn mover should come with some safety features which would prevent these situations, but such accidents can happen even with the most expensive mowers.

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