When hiring a nanny it is important both you and your children to have a good relationship with her. She will work with your family for a long period of time, and at a certain point everyone will consider her an extended member of the family. If you are the type of family that travellers a lot, because of your job, or you are planning a vacation with your entire family, then you will want the nanny to join you. If the nanny joins you, she will be an extra set of hands and she will watch the kids while you will relax, or handle job tasks. But, it is important to inform the nanny on the trips you plan to make together with the children, because not all of them offer their services internationally. You should establish how her expenses will be paid and what her tasks are during the trip.

Decide who is in charge of the children

When you travel together with your nanny, you have to inform her if she will be alone with the children during your trip, or if one of you will accompany her. Inform her if there will be periods of time when she will be the only one who will care for the children, and how she will be paid when she travels with you and your children. You should tell her that she should not be afraid to say something in case she considers that some of your conditions are not suitable, and if she does not agree with some of the terms. Also, you should be aware that when she is alone with the children, she will have to pay for what they want to buy, and even for their meals but you will give her the money when she will leave the hotel room. International Nannies are persons with experience, you are not the first family that takes her on a trip, but it is important to inform her on certain aspects.

Decide what their schedule will be

You have to tell the nanny when you want her to care for the children, and if she has free time. According to her schedule, you will pay her, so make sure to establish these details from the beginning. Tell her if you will handle the bedtime, or she will be the one who will take the children to bed. Also, you should decide if she is the one who has to wake up the children in the morning, or you will do it. Share with her what activities you want her to have together with the children.

Decide when her free time is

When you take your nanny on a trip, you have to tell her if she will have free time, or if she will have to watch for the children 24/7. She will receive a couple of paid weeks off every year, so it is your decision if she will have free time during the trip, or if she will have to care for the children. If you travel, as part of your job, then there are few chances she to have free time.


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