Most of the people who exercise do it because they want to lose weight and to maintain a nice figure. Still, not all the exercises are equally efficient in burning fat and it usually takes a personal trainer to know which are the most effective types. We will save you an expense by showing you which are best workouts that offer satisfying results in weight loss.

As an added tip that will help you achieve the best weight loss results, we recommend that you weigh yourself using a body fat analyzer and not a regular scale so the measurements will be more precise. Look for one at or simply trust us and go with the Tanita BC554 Ironman that is one of the top picks of due to the increased accuracy in measuring body fat, body water, muscle mass, bone mass, and more. Using this body fat scale, you will know exactly how much fat you have lost so you won’t be confused by your weight in pounds.


Walking or running on the treadmill is one of the most effective workouts when it comes to losing weight. This type of exercise is called cardio and it’s based on increasing the heart rate to such points that force the body to burn the calories. The intensity of the exercise can be adapted to the personal needs and preferences of whoever is using the treadmill, so the exertion will not be too high. Still, simply walking on the treadmill can turn out to be a great way of losing some extra pounds.


You can easily melt pounds away by adding weights to your workout routine. Dumbbells help you strengthen the muscles so that all the fats will be turned into muscular mass. You might think that lifting weights will make you look very large and filled with muscles, but it will actually make you look slimmer. Weights can be inserted into many types of exercises in order to increase their efficiency in burning fat.


If you are trying to lose weight, you should consider some squats that train many muscles in your body, especially the ones in your thighs and butt. Squats imply bending your knees while keeping the top part of your body straight, so your muscles will be tensed, which increases the physical effort. For even more efficiency, hold some dumbbells and move you hands up and down so you will manage to work your arm muscles as well.


For those struggling to get rid of fat around their waist, the crunches are an effective type of workout that magically rids fat in the belly area. Crunches require you to lay down and tense your muscles in order to raise your upper side of your body, which makes the belly area become hot and burn the fat that looks so unpleasant.


If you are not a fan of weights and the gym, you can try the aerobics classes that combine gymnastics and dance. These classes are very popular among women who are looking for a type of workout that will slim their body without creating muscles mass.

Kangoo jumps

For both men and women trying to lose weight, the Kangoo jumps sessions are being used in many gyms and more and more women are taking the classes because of the high efficiency of these workouts in burning fat.

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