Instead of getting yourself involved in a home improvement project that takes days to complete, you should consider a project that you can finish in only one day. All you need for this project are basic tools, a drill and of course the afternoon off. There is no project that is easier to operate than a retractable screen door, this type of door is nothing like you have ever seen, to be more precise, it does not roll on wheels, but it pull down just like a window shade. The only difficulty lies in finding the right retractable screen door. There are fundamental aspects to take into account when choosing a retractable screen door:


The vast majority of retractable screen doors are used for keeping insects. Additionally, there are fabrics out there that are capable of keeping wildlife such as raccoons and squirrels at distance. If you keep pets in the house, then you may want to buy a pet-resistant screen which is ten times sturdier than traditional protection fabrics. Equally important is taking into consideration the harsh elements. Excessive rain, snow or mud will damage your front entrance, so you should look for covers made from stronger materials. A good option is nylon coating owing to the fact that it will protect your entrance against fading and discoloration.


You will want a high quality covering that is going to look intact for years to come and that works well. When it comes to the opening of your home, quality is of the greatest importance. You should look for a covering that retracts smoothly enough and that is not difficult to use. Using high-quality components certainly pays off owing to the fact that they are manufactured from durable material and the internal mechanism, namely the roller tube or the springs, are of the highest quality. Some last years, even decades. Retractable screen doors made by trustworthy companies are tested keeping in mind effortless use.

Screen warranty

When shopping for a retractable screen door, you should make sure that the product has warranty. This is necessary in order to be sure that in case repairs or replacements are required the manufacturer takes responsibility. So, when you visit your local hardware store or a manufacturer, make sure that you have details about the product’s service and warranty in writing.

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