Not all children love team sports but this doesn’t mean that you should let your child play on their phones instead. Neither does it mean that you have to make them enrol in team sports that they are actively dreading. It only means that you both have to find a type of activity that they will be enjoying. Well, if you’re willing to do it but don’t want to spend exorbitant amounts of money on equipment, keep reading our suggestions for sports that don’t involve plenty of expensive equipment.


Skateboarding is such a great individual sport that most children will enjoy. It teaches your children several good lessons, mainly balance related stuff. However, many parents see this particular sport as a dangerous one for their children. After all, they might lose balance and get injured, right? Well, after you purchase that skateboard, make sure that you consider buying some protection equipment. A helmet and some knee pads will most likely suffice. And if you’re thinking that only boys can practice this sport, take a look at these female skateboarders in all their grace and beauty and you will certainly change your mind.


Yet another amazing individual sport that you can suggest to your children in case they dread team sports is swimming. We all love sitting for hours in warm water on a hot day and children certainly love this type of activity. All you have to do is enrol them in swimming classes or even try to teach them in your own pool. However, if you want to take it a step further, or if they want to professionally practice this sport, you will most likely need to invest in some swimming goggles and a swimming cap. But this is all that you will need for a while when it comes to your children swimming.


This is an individual sport that is fairly easy to pick up by children whose parents are actively involved in hiking. A sturdy pair of hiking boots will suffice when it comes to this particular sport. However, make sure that you fully understand that you can’t simply send your child hiking on the nearby trails on their own. This is a type of activity that needs constant supervision and attention on parent’s part. However, you could try to enrol them in a climbing class where everything takes place under the close supervision on a skilled and highly experienced climber. Most climbing gyms offer appropriate shoes on-site and you won’t even have to invest in extra equipment for your little ones.

These are some types of individual sports that all children will definitely love. Keep in mind that not everybody is a team sports lover and for many, practising an individual sport is more than perfect since it allows them to burn all that energy focus entirely on them and on their body. As funny as it might sound, children learn plenty about them and their limits in such circumstances.

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