When thinking about sports, many people are on the opinion that regardless what type of sport is about, it only implies physical exercise and that is it. There are some sports where there is no need for physical exercise at all, such as chess and where it is rather the mind that is trained and there are other sports where there is a lot of movement, but these train both the mind and the body, such as 5 a side football. Look for 5 a side football leagues London and join a team if you want to see for yourself the benefits that come with practising this sport.

It keeps you in very good shape

Well, it is generally agreed that football implies a lot of physical activity and a lot of running which can help you maintain fit and in a good shape. In 5 a side, these things are even more accentuated, since the number of players is limited to five only, just as the name suggests, and players have to be even more active and to run even more in order to win the game.

It relieves you of stress

Another great benefit that comes with playing 5 a side football just for fun is that it can help you get rid of stress you have gathered after a long day at work. It is actually recommended to do certain activities that relieve you of stress and that give you a good well-being state, so what better activity to practise other than football.

It keeps your mind agile

Believe it or not, one very good advantage of 5 a side football is that besides keeping you fit and in great shape, it also works your mind a lot. It was already mentioned that there are only five players in each team in this sport, so they have to pay greater attention to the way their opponents move, but also their teammates in order to score as many goals as possible. Players have to think and act fast in order to be two steps ahead their opponents, which is great exercise for the brain. What is more, this is also a great way to increase the self-esteem level, since winning a match has a great positive impact on your brain, giving you more confidence in yourself.

As it can be seen, 5 a side football can actually improve the health condition of a person.

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