For many people, colouring books are specifically designed for children in order to help them develop their creativity and coordination. However, it has been scientifically proven that this method does good not only to children, but also to adults. In the past years, the number of psychologists who have understood the many benefits that come with colouring for adults therapy sessions has significantly increased. Here is a list with some of the many advantages this therapy brings in people’s behaviour and state of being.

It helps people distress

One of the greatest benefits of colouring books for adults is that it helps them relieve the stress gathered after a long day at work. Believe it or not, this therapy dates back in the beginning of the 20th century and it has helped many people who wanted to get rid of stress ever since.

Colouring activities put both parts of the cerebral hemisphere at work

Psychologists claim that colouring activates both creativity and logic, which are located each in a different cerebral hemisphere. People use logic to pick up a colour that matches a specific pattern or shape and they use creativity when it comes to choosing to match and mix colours.

They make adults feel like children for a certain period

Another great advantage of colouring books is that they give you the chance to feel young again. You feel like you are a little child who has just learnt how to hold a pencil in their hands and use it to colour a beautiful drawing.   Use these colouring books to get back to your childhood at least once a week.

Colouring is like meditation

Many people who have tried colouring books for adults were on the same opinion. They claimed that the colouring activity is like meditation, because it has helped them de-concentrate and detach from the daily rush. Colouring Mandalas is one great example of patterns and designs that help inducing the meditation state and that helps people’s minds relax due to the concentric circles and round patterns.

It helps people reduce anxiety too

Besides the fact that colouring books for adults help them get rid of the stress, this activity is also recommended to people in order to reduce anxiety. It is commonly known that anxiety along with panic attacks affect hundreds of adults. These mental conditions can cause other symptoms such as nausea, headaches, insomnia or even death. Colouring pages is a very useful method that helps adults relax more.

Where to look for colouring books for adults

It is important to know that colouring books for adults are different from the ones people buy for children, since these books have more complicated patterns and designs. The best place to find colouring books specifically designed for adults is the online market. The reason is that you have a wider variety of books to choose from compared to local bookstores, not to mention the fact that there are high chances to find books at more reasonable prices online rather than in local stores.

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