Crossfit is currently one of the most popular fitness movements of the moment. However, it’s increased popularity has caused a lot of misconceptions, and many people avoid this type of workout out of fear. Nonetheless, not everything you hear is true, and you should always try for yourself instead of believing what other people say. Here are some of the most widely spread Crossfit misconceptions:

1. It’s a cult!

This is actually one of the funniest misconceptions. It’s so funny that you can’t even get mad at the people spreading it. The truth is that it makes sense for Crossfit to be so popular. When people are satisfied with the results they get, they will spread the news. So, if you have a buddy who recently joined such a gym and can’t stop talking about it, don’t worry as he hasn’t been brainwashed. He’s just very happy with the results that he is seeing, and he wants to brag a little about it. Another reason why people view Crossfit as a cult, is due to the fact that people who join these gyms feel like part of a community. They always work with trainers who advise them and correct them when necessary. Moreover, since the workout is rather intense, people tend to support and encourage themselves a lot. If all cults were about being healthy and friendly, we would live in a far better world.

2. It’s dangerous

Any workout can be dangerous is you do it wrong. However, from some points of view, Crossfit is a lot safer than other workouts. Due to the fact that you work with a trainer who corrects your bad posture, there are less chances of injury during workouts. Some people are surprised to discover that they don’t even know how to perform simple exercises like squats. A poor squat posture can put a lot of pressure on your back which can result in severe back pains. As far as being pushed too hard, Crossfit is all about exceeding your limits. It’s a trainer’s job to motivate you, but you and you alone are responsible for your body, because only you know what you feel. While it is normal to feel discomfort during intense workouts, you should always stop when the discomfort turns to pain.

3. It’s not convenient

Obviously enough, not any gym has Crossfit programs, because you need certain qualifications to train people during these programs, and you also need special equipment. However, there are such gyms in most cities. Just search the internet for the nearest location. Let’s say that you live in L.A. Simply go on your browser and search for Crossfit Los Angeles and you will find at least one gym in your town. Bigger towns like L.A or New York have dozens of such gyms, so you will surely find something near you. 

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