When you see tulle fabric, what is the first thing that comes to your mind? Is it the famous tutu skirt, right? Well, besides making tutus, tulle can be used for many other creative and unique items, such as garlands, headbands, or even a party hat.

Use tulle ribbon to decorate your room

If you are one of those people who like to have fairy lights all the year round, then make them more unique by adding tulle ribbon. All you have to do is cut some strips of tulle and then tie them around your fairy light. For a more puffy effect, you can use more strips in the same spot. Also, a tutu tassel garland would look stunning in your bedroom. Of course, you will need to cut the tulle ribbon into strips in order to make tutu tassels. After you have knotted the top of your tassels, it is time to string them on a twine. Moreover, if you have children, you can use tulle for decorating their room too. So, what do you think about a tent canopy? Your little girl will surely be excited about this DIY project.


Revamp your old clothes and accessories

You can start with something classic, like making yourself not a tutu but a multi-layered tulle petticoat. If you like colourful clothes, try adding different colours of tulle in order to turn the boring tulle petticoat into a rainbow tulle petticoat. And if you are more into accessories and you want to revamp an old headband, try stitching some tulle strips on it. Finally, what do you think about a tulle crown for your daughter? It is an easy DIY project that she will for sure like it.


Tulle party ideas

When it comes to party ideas, tulle can easily be used. For example, if you are planning on throwing a party, try making some tulle poof party hats. All you need for this project is some colourful tulle that you need to wrap around a flat surface. After doing this, tie off the center of the tulle poof, and then attach a barrette. Moreover, if you need to buy a gift and you decide to buy a small one, you can use the tulle as an easy gift wrapping. Finally, if you plan on getting married, think about how unique it would be if you were to use the tulle as a chair decor. All you have to do is attach the tulle to the backrest and tie it in a bow.

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