If you think once you get out of your dentist’s office you don’t have to worry about or pay attention to your teeth for a long time from now on, you couldn’t be more wrong. Maintenance must always be performed in order to assure your intervention’ success, as well as less money spent on interventions of this kind. Honestly specking, you are not only spending money when you don’t care for your teeth properly, but also manage to annoy your dentist a bit. Their hard work must be maintained and you must be the one doing this. Experts at http://mackenziedentalcentre.com advise their patients how to care for their mouths on the daily basis for avoiding unpleasant situations.

1. Proper brushing and flossing

Although your teeth might seem and feel quite clean, if improperly brushed, most likely they are covered in plaque. What is plaque, to be more exact? The pellicle of bacteria covering your teeth, from all angles. However, do you know where it is more likely to develop and create more damage? Where your teeth meet the gums, close to the roots. You know what happens if you don’t take good care of your roots. Yes, your teeth will start falling, your gums will start swallowing, and bacteria will enter your entire blood flow. Therefore, your entire body will be populated by bacteria that usually develops in your mouth. Therefore, give those teeth a good brush, for about two minutes, preferably with an electrical brush. Trust us, your teeth never felt that clean. Of course, make sure you properly floss, using high quality products. Have in mind that there are right and wrong ways of brushing and flossing. Although you want to do a great job, try not to make your gums bleed.

2. Hydrate properly

Yes, hydration is good for having a glowy, healthy skin, stay young and prevent pounds from accumulating, but do you know what else it is important for? Producing decent amounts of saliva. If you don’t already know, the lack of it make bacteria grow in a faster manner and invade your entire mouth. Why is saliva so relevant, you may wonder? Because it helps you get rid of any food residue that might be on your tongue or teeth, also because it has an acidic level making it possible to offer a natural cleanser for your mouth. If your body lacks proper levels of hydration, it won’t produce decent amounts of saliva. Therefore, pour yourself a glass of water.

3. Chipped your tooth in a lollipop? Get that fixed ASAP!

Even the smallest imperfections and chips your teeth might have are the perfect way for developing a hurtful and annoying cavity. Therefore, if you ever notice small parts of your teeth or sense sharp edges with your tongue on them, make sure you pay your dentist a visit for fixing those. Cavities are clearly more painful and expensive to fix and dealing with chips at an early stage might keep you away from interventions of this kind.

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