A budget friendly alternative for those expensive high-end products you find in specialised stores is creating replicas by yourself, or even coming up with new ideas. Luckily, there are affordable options for everybody involving household items or inexpensive supplies, such as rosette ribbons or pinecones, which put in a beautiful design, have a great effect. From a chandelier, to curtains you can find a few great ideas below. Alternatively, you can experiment yourself the ideas found around the web.

1. Ribbon colourful chandelier

Hula-hoops and pieces of ribbon in different lengths and patterns, as well as a hot glue gun are the only supplies you are going to need for this entertaining DIY project. This is perfect for a girl’s room upgrade, and it can also turn a porch into a festive summery one. All you need to do is secure those beautiful pieces of ribbon on a hula-hoop using a hot glue gun. Do this until your ribbons are distributed evenly on the hoop. Then create a chandelier holder by creating a twist using ribbons. From a hook placed on the ceiling, hang the brand new décor item you just made for your little girl or even yourself!

2. Fancy glass bottles for your fireplace

Fireplaces are perfect for décor, because they draw the attention towards them. If you want to create a stunning appearance to your living room, this is a great area to start from. You don’t need expensive items, only a little imagination and some affordable supplies. Those empty wine bottles you forgot to take to garbage can make a stunning décor piece if you know how to treat them. Give them a good wash, use a combination of hot water and dish soap for getting rid of the labels on them. Then make beautiful bows out of ribbons at your choice. Our personal preference is a stripy black and white ribbon. You can simply let them this way, or you can turn them into candleholders.

3. Ribbon curtains for summer days

Ribbon curtains give a room a certain laid-back air, something boohoo and appealing. You only need a plastic wand long enough for covering your entire window frame, enough ribbons for covering the entire surface and preferably long enough to reach the floor, and a hot glue gun as well. You only need to secure the ribbon pieces on the entire length of the plastic wand using the hot glue gun. Then hang it in place and enjoy your new special curtains.

As you can see, when it comes to home décor a few bits and pieces easy to acquire from stores or even already existing in our houses do a great job. Without exaggeration, we can say oftentimes hand made décor items have a greater impact than those purchased, because they involve high levels of implications from us. Also, depending on the season, you can easily create new items so they will fit the general feel in your house.

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