Strut across the streets like it’s your own personal runway everyday with these fun, fresh and bold fashion pieces by Lularock. Containing different fashion pieces from various different designers, this article is a finely tailored recommendation for those who aren’t afraid to make a statement and turn heads everywhere! If you are looking for new collections to add to your closet, here are some pieces you definitely have to get:

Grace Like Rain Dress by Alice McCall

The Grace Like Rain dress is one of Alice McCall’s most stunning pieces. Created with a brocade paisley piece in the colour plum, the lines of the garment make use of the print to create gorgeous design contrasts. Rich, decadent and elegant, the Grace Like Rain dress is the ideal selection for those who wish to convey opulence without running the risk of becoming too “in your face”.  Recreate the fashion of the Renaissance era by pairing the Grace Like Rain dress with golden heels for a complete ensemble.
Space Dye Jumper

Reflect a part of the galaxy with the Space Dye Jumper designed by the House of Holland today! The rayon top is fashioned with a multi-coloured psychedelic print to recreate a holographic effect and a touch of otherworldly wonder. Rxpress the space entity in your soul through the Space Dye Jumper by pairing it up with either solid coloured skirts/pants or matching it up with a Space Dye Skirts with boots or gold heels.

Make My Heart Sing

If you enjoy playing with colours and wearing the colours of your mood on yourself, then the Make My Heart Sing dress designed by Sretsis would be the right choice for you! With a cinched waist and flared skirt length woven from 100% polyester, the Make My Heart Sing dress is designed with ruffled layers trimmed with lacing in the dorm of detailed music notes. Layers of the skirt can come in different colour combinations too.

Stardust Biker Jacket

The Stardust Biker Jacket in Pink Foil by Sretsis is also another good fashion piece to own for the bold and wildly expressive. Fashioned with pink foil, a high shine factor, a notched collar, and gold lightning bolts, the Stardust Biker Jacket is certainly a ‘loud’ statement indeed. Express the wilder parts of yourself by pairing this up with any of your outfits- the jacket makes standing out a guarantee. While the Stardust Biker Jacket can be worn with virtually anything, a good recommendation would be dark jeans and t-shirts.

Amen Shorts

Add a touch of luxurious sensuality into your daily look without compromising your freedom of movement or comfort! With the Amen Shorts by designer Alice McCall, you can achieve an effortlessly sexy look. Designed to produce flattering high-waisted silhouettes, the warm copper lurex fabric shimmers with the wearer’s moves, adding a touch of fun to the outfit. When paired with a plain simple top and heels, it could enhance elegance while maintaining a fun bold appearance!
To learn more about the possible outfit combinations you can achieve and the designers behind the fashion pieces, you can visit the official Lularock website.


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