The process of hiring a nanny can be quite overwhelming for parents because they have to be sure that they choose the right person to take care of their children. There are plenty of aspects, which have to be considered, because they have to decide upon the period of time they will have to hire the nanny, the activities they design for the children when they are away from home, and other similar things. Also, they have to thoroughly think, because they can hire an independent nanny, or they can collaborate with a professional agency like to recommended them a person suited for their needs. In case you want to hire a nanny, and you are not decided who is the one suited for taking care of your children, you should inspire from the following questions, and ask her a few of them at the interview.

Why do you want to be a nanny?

It is important to see what is the reason a certain person wants to be a nanny, because in this way you will be able to know her better. Also, some people are not good at lying and, even if they would try to tell you the “perfect” answer, you will be able to notice from their gestures that they are not honest. Some people want to be nannies because they like to work with children, and this is the right job for them. Others are just being honest, and tell you that this is just a job for them, because they could not find something else. Moreover, you should know that there is not right or wrong answer, because no matter what their reason is, they will do their job.

What qualities are important in a nanny?

From her answer you will find out if she has the same view as you do, because you might look for certain qualities in a nanny. In this way you might also have the possibility to see if she has experience, because if she has, she will also offer you examples from her own activity, to show you why some of them are so important. Depending on your requirements, you will choose the nanny who meets the majority of them.

What qualifications in children care do you have?

Some parents consider that it is not enough for a nanny to have experience, and she should also have some qualifications. You can ask for the company, you are collaborating with, to select for you only the persons who have certain qualification, or you can ask the candidates by yourself at the interview. Some people prefer the persons who have followed classes that taught them how to deal with children in different situations, other prefer nannies who have first aid classes and so on. It is also important for the nanny to know to evaluate the children’s needs and to design activities, which are suited to these needs, because in this way you can be sure that your children will be able to improve their skills with the help of the nanny.


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