There are so many options when it comes to furnishing a living a dining area, thigs might get confusing at times. However, you don’t have to invest in all those things that you see featured in magazines or interior design TV shows. In fact, you need some essentials around which to work and develop the rest of your house. Keep reading below to find out which are those key elements that you need for a perfect living and dining area design.

A dining set is a must

When in doubt, start your decorating journey from the most important elements. Invest in a set of dining table and chairs, like these amazing Skovby dining chairs. Pick a dining table in a light, neutral colour and mix and match your dining chairs. You don’t have to create a too “matchy” space, but rather a cosy and welcoming one. Make sure that the colour palette of your chairs is a suitable one, however. If you fear to mix different elements to serve the same purpose, simply invest in a complete set and give yourself a break from the entire matching process. We admit it, for an untrained individual, this might be a bit too challenging.

Plants will make your space more lively

Plants have a double purpose here: to beautify your room and filter the air. Waterlily, lavender, even a plant of Aloe Vera, these will all help you beautify your space simply by placing those in the right spots. Use a small coffee table, if necessary, to arrange them. This way, they will get all the needed light and grow luxurious and healthy. Also, you could try to place indoors a small lemon tree, for a little extra.

A stunning hanging lighting

Stunning lighting sources are a great way to attract all the eyes to a central piece. In most of the cases, people choose a piece of art, but we think that such elements have a double purpose: an aesthetical and a functional one. Also, accent lighting sources would do an amazing job, but make sure to coordinate those with the rest of your living or dining area. For a bolder interior design, opt for steam-punk inspired accent lights. These look simply amazing and put all spaces in a positive light.

A coffee table is mandatory

You want to create a quiet space where you can drink your Sunday coffee, where to chat with your partner and where to welcome your guests to your favourite teams’ games. A coffee table is perfect to create such an environment, and has a highly functional purpose, besides its aesthetical potential. If you find a compartmented one, you can easily find the necessary space for your magazines, some DVDs and maybe TV set remotes.

These are some real essentials you should consider buying when you decide to redecorate your living and dining areas. These elements have just the right amount of functionality, while boosting considerably the looks of your space. And keep in mind, when in doubt, keep it simple!

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