In time, the majority of women start noticing lines and wrinkles on certain areas of their face that inevitably appear due to the aging process and have a negative impact on their self-esteem. Indeed, they have a wide range of options when it comes to eliminating these inconveniences from their lives. From chemical peels and hair removals to botox treatments Birmingham and dermal fillers, these cosmetic procedures have the purpose to help you deal with problematic areas that diminish your confidence. A Botox treatment represents one of the most popular choices in terms of physical enhancement. However, people have many questions concerning each step of the process including the procedure, the recovery, the costs, the results and other details. However, before you even consider one of these various cosmetic treatments, you first must discover if you are a good candidate and you are about to experience a change that will enhance your physical appearance and boost your confidence.


Botox treatments eliminate skin imperfections including crow’s feet, lines, creases and wrinkles that most women experience over the years. Any person with the age between 30 and 60 can benefit from the results provided by this cost-effective and fast method. Practically, your doctor applies ice or a numbing cream that will prevent bruising and an antiseptic on the specific area. Then, he injects the botulinum toxin several times on different sites and you will not feel more than a minimal discomfort. This has the purpose to relax the muscles in that specific area and stop the appearance of wrinkles. As an instruction, you may have to avoid sun exposure after the procedure but besides that, you can engage in your everyday activities immediately.


Probably the most asked question regarding any type of treatment refers to the efficiency and the quality of the results because people need to know if it is worth the financial investment. When it comes to botox treatments, you will be able to notice the results after several days and they will last up to six months. There are people who unfortunately achieve a fake look after resorting to this type of procedure and if you want to benefit from natural looking results, you should seek an experienced professional. In terms of results, instead of becoming too enthusiastic, you should lower your expectations in order to avoid disappointment and truly notice and enjoy the physical change.


Everybody knows that compared to surgical interventions, minimally invasive cosmetic treatments are harmless and do not cause severe complications. We can also include botox treatments in this category because it does not require anesthetic, the recovery process is very short and you only experience minimal side effects including flu-like symptoms, redness where the doctor has injected the botulinum toxin, headache and double vision. The good news is that these side effects are only temporary, which means that this treatment is safe. Nevertheless, you should communicate with your doctor in order to find out from the beginning about possible risks and complications.                

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