For a meticulous person, there is nothing more unpleasant than spending hours cleaning the windows and then discovering that they are streaky or that they attract dust within minutes. Some homeowners even go as far as hiring professional cleaning companies just to make sure that their windows, blinds and screens are perfectly purified, but why waste so much money when you can achieve the same results yourself, using these tried and tested expert window cleaning tips?

Don’t improvise! Invest in cleaning products!

Window cleaning is a not a one-time-only chore. In fact, it is one of the most important tasks you have to do around the house, so don’t neglect it and don’t rely on improvised tools and cleaning solutions. To get crystal clean windows every time, place an order on a specialised cleaning supply store such as and the products you buy will guarantee you years of clean windows. To avoid confusion, simply buy a complete window cleaning kit containing the most common sponges and poles, and then buy a cleaning solution designed for your needs. Residential cleansing solutions are usually more affordable, because they come in smaller bottles and don’t have heavy duty ingredients, like in the case of bars or hospitals.

Know when to clean windows

Most people only wipe their home windows once a year, around spring cleaning time, but window cleaning should be done more often, ideally twice a year. Otherwise, all the grime and dirt will become tougher to remove. A common misconception is that windows must be cleaned when it’s sunny outside, so you can see every speck of dust and streak, but actually you should clean windows when the sky is cloudy. Although the sun gives you more visibility, the windows will dry too quickly and you’ll be left with unwanted streaks. Also, you should remember to apply the liquid solution only after you’ve removed all the dust with a soft cloth. Otherwise, the liquid will mix with dust and you’ll make the window look even dirtier.

Avoiding internal and external pollutants

There are cases when, no matter how diligent you might be, windows still get dirty too fast. For example, if you live in the city, in a heavily polluted area, smoke from factories and vehicles can get on your windows soon after you’ve washed them, making them look bleak and grey. To prevent this from happening, you should clean your windows more than twice a year and by using an ammonia solution. For window frames, apply a coat of floor wax, because it will keep them shiny for longer and reduce the risk of sun and pollution damage. However, if it’s the inside of the window that gets dirty suspiciously fast, then you should eliminate the polluting factor. More often than not, internal pollution comes from uncleaned heating and air conditioning units. Try to change their filters as quickly as possible, because it’s not just the windows that suffer, but your health as well. Besides, by replacing old filters regularly, you will increase the lifespan of your appliances.


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