Economists say that tax rebate services are the best modern alternative for those who want to receive a part of their money back and to reinvest them in something else. There is, for example, the possibility to receive new home tax rebate or even home renovation tax rebate. On the other hand, when it comes to this fact, people believe that the procedure can be rather difficult and some of them give up before even starting. But this is not a right attitude. In order to make things clear, here there is a list with the most frequently asked questions about this subject.

How can I find out if I am qualified for receiving new home tax rebate?


Even if people believe that it is a complicated procedure, things are simpler than they may believe. The only thing you should do is to look for a company that deals with this kind of activity and ask the professionals for a good expertise. On the other hand, a good idea is to look for this information online.


For example, there are companies that post all these details on their website. And usually, there are two main conditions when it comes to the tax rebate that you can receive for a new home. The first condition is that the house must be your principal residence (this means that you have to live there), whereas the second condition refers to the fact that the construction of the house should be done in the last two years.

How much money I am able to receive?


In order to get the answer to this question you definitely should use a tax rebate calculator. It is not a general rule and it all depends on each person condition. The calculator will ask you to provide some details about your situation and you will receive the estimate value of the money that you are about to receive. But don’t forget to take into consideration the money that you pay for the tax rebate company’s services. There are companies that may ask you to pay when you start the collaboration with them and companies that ask to make the payment at the end of the whole process.

Do I really need to ask for the services of a tax rebate company?


The answer is yes. If you want to get rid of stress and to get your money back as soon as possible, a good idea is opt for tax rebate services. In order to benefit from your money, you should gather many documents which are related to the ownership of your propriety. So, the best solution is to ask for professional help, in order to put all the things in order. Also, you have to fill in an application and you need information in order to do it correctly.

How much time does this procedure last?


It all depends on each case. Usually gathering the documents is the most difficult part, but if you benefit from help things can be rather simpler. But usually it lasts between 4 and 16 month from the submission date in order to receive the rebate money.

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