If you are a professional tailor and you are thinking about buying a sewing machine of your own, then you should probably focus on some of the most performing devices on the market. Unlike the machines designed for beginners, these have multiple features that enable you to perform a wide variety of operations. When choosing a model, keep in mind that a product you use at home is not the same with an industrial one, although these may have some similar characteristics. There are many criteria you will have to keep in mind when selecting the most suitable model, especially with the huge number of alternatives available on the dedicated market. Plenty of brands are now manufacturing performing machines, so if you look diligently you will immediately find the right one for you. The 9960 Quantum Stylist from Singer seems to be a great choice, given the fact that more and more people are purchasing it. Here are some of the most relevant features you have to search for in the ideal sewing machine.

Good control and ease of use

No matter what type of device you want to buy (electric, computerized or manual), make sure it has a system that allows you to control it easily. In addition to this, look for a product that comes with a user’s manual – although you may already have some experience, this will be extremely useful. It will help you understand all its features and see what the machine is actually capable of. This way, you find out how can make the best out of its abilities. In order to control it better, the device has to be responsive to your commands and answer immediately to the pressure on the foot pedal. What is more, the buttons need to be easy to reach and manipulate, while the display must be easy to read.


Taking into consideration that you are probably going to use the sewing machine at home, it has to be quite lightweight and easy to maneuver. In case you are planning to store the device in a closet or on a special table, and take it out only when you want to sew something in particular, then you definitely have to buy a product easy to lift and move from one place to another. This way, you avoid domestic accidents and you also protect the machine from scratches and damage.

Needle performance

When it comes to choosing a great sewing machine, keep in mind that needles play a crucial role. For this reason, you need to check for their position – the feature that enables you to change the stitching line and lift the needle when you are done working. In addition to this, remember to also pay attention to the needle threader. This part of the machine is in charge with pulling thread, thus saving you the trouble of doing the operation manually.

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