When it comes to fitness and bodybuilding sessions, there are a lot of myths and misconceptions that have emerged in the past years. Some people tend to believe those myths, others try to debunk them, so where is the truth after all? It is essential that before you start any fitness programs you are well informed and know all the details about this subject. Fitness education is the first thing to take into account even before you start your training program, whether it is at home or at the gym. This is where Fitness Savvy comes in to save your day.

What is Fitness Savvy and why should you trust it?

Fitness Savvy is a blog that made its way through the Internet in January 2017 and was created by Robin Young. The idea came after he injured his elbow back in September 2016 and needed to perform skull crushes, which is an exercise that comes with high risk of destroying the elbow even more than the skull. Some doctors said he had tendonitis, yet after he done some research he still hadn’t figured out what was all about. Finding relevant information and appropriate rehabilitation exercises on this topic proved to be quite a challenge. After a while, he decided to help other people who were in the same situation as he was by providing them with relevant and accurate information on most common fitness issues.

What can you find on Fitness Savvy?

The main purpose of the website is to provide people with detailed and well-established articles on various topics with minimal coverage or that present some conflicts related to the advice the patient was given in the first place. Articles on Fitness Savvy are meant to clear the fog that surrounds these topics that very few things are known about.

However, the site does not stop here, as people can find here a range of articles related to gym equipment, as well as to supplementation. Thus, people can learn more about which supplements are best to take for bodybuilding, which ones are more appropriate for fitness and which ones are recommended for weight loss, not to mention that they can also check Fitness Savvy price comparison to have a clearer idea on which supplement provider available on the market would best fit within their budgets. All the information they need can be found under one roof only – Fitness Savvy.

More about Fit Edd

Edd is the person who will be at your disposal 24/7 answering all your questions on the fundamental fitness topics and providing you with advice on nutrition, diet and weight loss. For instance, one article worth reading is related to fat burners. Here, Edd investigates whether these fat burners are as good as some people claim to be and comes up with the answer you were looking for so long.

All things considered, those who need relevant information on the most controversial and discussed fitness topics should definitely consider taking a closer look at the articles Fitness Savvy provides.


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