Everyone can be involved in an accident at one point in their life and suffer injuries that require medical attention. Car accidents, bike accidents, nursing home abuse, dog attacks, slip and fall, these are just a few examples. Most victims pay for hospitalization and have to go through long periods of emotional turmoil without knowing that filing a personal injury claim could help them get over the traumatizing experience much easier. Unfortunately, the legal topic of personal injury remains a mystery to many, so here are the answers to the most frequently asked questions.

When should I call a personal injury attorney?

Ideally, you should call an attorney from firms such as coloradoinjury.pro as soon as the accident takes place. There are two reasons why you shouldn’t postpone the call:


  • The longer you wait, the slimmer the chances for your claim to be successful. For example, if you want to take action one year later, you might not receive as much compensation compared to if you did something after one week.
  • After a long time, the documents and evidence needed for your case could be lost or destroyed. Without them, you cannot expect to get a good settlement or go to court.


Can any attorney help me?

The answer is clear: no. For personal injury claims, you need a personal injury attorney. This needs to be exactly his specialization, not something else. For someone who isn’t familiar with legal matters, all fields of law may be the same, but they are not. Each field has its own challenges and the attorney must be familiar with them. You shouldn’t hire an employment law expert for a personal injury case for the same reason why you shouldn’t see an orthopedist for a toothache.


What happens at the first meeting?

Usually, the first meeting with the personal injury attorney is a consultation where you provide the general details of your case, such as where and how the accident occurred, how it affected you, what type of medical care you needed, how much it cost and, of course, how it affected you on an emotional level. The attorney will explain you your rights and, based on the details you have provided, tell you what steps should be taken from there on and how you could be compensated. Keep in mind that the attorney will not be able to get into specific details from the very first meeting and that he’ll need a few days to study your case thoroughly.


How long until I receive compensation?

Not all personal injury cases are the same. While some can be settled in a matter of days, other are more complicated a need years to complete. It all depends on who was responsible for the accident and how complex your case is. The attorney alone can give you an estimate. Avoid law firms that promise you a resolution within days without knowing any details, because they are not professional and you would be wasting precious time.

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