Nowadays, most of us have a microwave oven. We find this appliance very useful, as we are able to heat up, defrost and even cook food in a short period of time. A top microwave oven will even come with preset cooking programs for popular dishes. They are easy to use and very convenient. However, there are some voices who say that these devices can affect our health extremely bad. For further information regarding this aspect, have a look at the following health concerns related to the microwave.

It increases the risk of cancer

Whether you have a cheap or a top microwave oven, the operating principle is the same: it uses a type of radiation when operating. There are some specialists who say that this type of radiation is similar to the one that comes from our laptops and mobile phones. Basically, we are surrounded by it, and this doesn’t mean that it is dangerous. On the other hand, others say that the radiation affects our body and increases the risk of developing cancer at some point in our lives. It actually encourages the growth of cancer cells in our body. We don’t know exactly what it is true and what it is not, but one thing is sure, opinions are certainly shared.

Microwavable food is dangerous

This is another health concern related to the microwave oven, which should be taken into account by all of us. Microwavable food is usually processed and the package contains some harmful chemicals such as benzene, xylene, dioxins, and toluene. At high temperatures, these chemicals are absorbed by the food, which gets in our body. Therefore, all those chemicals can affect or health in many ways. They can cause infertility, cardiac disease, high blood pressure, and even mental disorders. Furthermore, you can develop several types of allergies, and your hormonal activity can be disrupted. As you can see, the negative effects of microwavable food are multiples, and they definitely must be avoided.

You will be more prone to headaches

This is another disadvantage of using too often the microwave oven. This health concern related to the use of microwave ovens should be avoided without a doubt. If you can’t stop using this device, at least, you should use it rarely. Specialists say that the radiation that an appliance like that produces can cause headaches and it can make you feel more irritable, and even lead to stress.

The blood chemistry can change

When consuming frequently microwaved food, your cholesterol level increases, the hemoglobin decreases significantly, and lymphocytes decrease as well. Furthermore, stress will be amplified, and some people can even feel quite depressed.

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