Coffee is the worldwide leader in beverage consumption, and it’s easy to understand why, the rich taste and incomparable smell of coffee making it an alluring choice. But with so many people drinking coffee on a regular basis, you have to wonder whether it’s healthy or not to drink it.
If you love coffee and you want to find out what are the health risks and benefits associated with it, read the following lines.

Health risks associated with coffee

There have been many studies done to find out what are the health risks associated with coffee consumption, and definitely the most worrying of all risks is the increase in all-cause mortality with 21% of those who consume more than 4 cups of coffee everyday. After all, coffee is based on the stimulant caffeine, and excessive consumption of this psychoactive substance can lead to health problems.
People who suffer from hypertension should avoid drinking coffee, because coffee consumption raises blood pressure for about 2-3 hours after you finish drinking it.
Other health risks associated with coffee consumption are increased risk of heart attack among young adults who consume 4 or more cups of coffee daily, coffee causes insomnia if drank in excess and at improper hours, it can cause indigestion, breast tissue cysts in women, it can cause headaches, it can reduce fertility, and it can even cause diarrhea.
What you must never forget to do to avoid having diarrhea and to avoid ingesting mold spores when drinking coffee is to regularly clean the coffee maker.
Let’s face it, the coffee maker is the most abused household appliance, therefore you have to clean it thoroughly to keep mold away from growing in it.

Health benefits associated with coffee

Fortunately, there are many health benefits associated with coffee consumption as well, not only health risks, therefore you can safely enjoy drinking this tasty beverage if you are careful about how many cups you drink daily and if you make sure that the coffee maker is clean.
The main reason why people love drinking coffee is because it improves energy levels and it helps them feel less tired in the morning, and it has been proven that it improves several brain functions as well, like memory, vigilance, reaction times, mood, and general cognitive function.
Other important health benefits associated with coffee consumption are the fact that it helps burn fat by boosting the metabolic rate by almost 11%, it can visibly improve physical performance, it contains essential nutrients like riboflavin, potassium, niacin, manganese, magnesium, and pantothenic acid, it helps lower the risk of type II diabetes, it protects the elderly against Alzheimer’s and dementia, it lowers the risk of Parkinson’s disease, it helps fight depression by making you feel happier, and probably most important of all, it decreases the risk of liver cancer and colorectal cancer.

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