At first glance, astrology and health do not seem to have anything in common. However, believe it or not, your health and your zodiac sign are strongly interconnected, which means that your upcoming issues can actually be tracked in the stars. You may find this weird, but if you are also intrigued, just seek the advice of a professional astrologer. They will talk to you about your previous life experiences, your day and time of birth and thus be able to establish certain patters you should not neglect. Although a lot of people are still sceptical when it comes to these things, you will be surprised to discover astrologers are extremely skilled and prepare individuals, who may surprise you with their knowledge and experience. From helping you choose a career path, to finding out which are your weakest parts from a physical point of view, these will enlighten each and every aspect of your life. Visit and read on to find out how celestial objects are influencing your health.

Why are zodiac signs so relevant?

What you must understand from the very beginning is that each zodiac sign is prone to certain affections. Depending on your birth date, you have a planet or star governing your evolution and influencing your health condition. For instance, Capricorns are likely to experience problems in their musculoskeletal system, (on legs and knees especially), Cancers are prone to digestive system dysfunctions, while Gemini (rules by Mercury) have a sensitive the respiratory system and Aquarius’ ability to move may often be affected by several illnesses of the legs and arms. Another relevant example is by category: fire signs are generally exposed to hearts, circulation, and spinal health issues. Of course, these are only some general guidelines and being a certain sign does not mean you are definitely going to develop a particular disease. Your health is obviously influenced by other elements, but keep in mind that according to astrologists certain issues are more likely to appear in one zodiac sign rather than another.

Learn about medical astrology

What is actually great about using astrology to predict your upcoming health problems is that you can always use it to prevent illnesses, too. Take advantage of someone warning you that your feet may be fragile and avoid jeopardising them. Furthermore, you can even estimate the timing and severity of the disease, an extremely useful ability. In order to do this, you must know that there are six main houses governing health issues and wellbeing, depending on each person’s birth chart, their ascendant and the position of the Sun and Moon. These two celestial objects play a crucial role in the evolution of each and every zodiac sign. Another planets quite important are Saturn (representative for chronic diseases), as well as Mars (for acute conditions). Generally, these are the main elements astrologists take into consideration when “calculating” the health path of an individual, but there are also other variables. So when listening to the horoscope predictions, pay extra attention to the position of each house and planet.


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