Addiction and mental illness are oftentimes interconnected as many studies have lately shown. Addictions vary widely, from alcohol to drugs and gambling and gaming. Gaming is a severe addiction of young generations, mainly caused by the technological revolution we have witnessed in the past decades. Facile internet access and connection and the affordable price of gaming devices are also other causes that contribute to this issue. Sadly, an issue in the case of gaming addiction is that it is not as widely debated and accepted as an addiction. But, revolutionary holistic treatment centers are there to make sure that all addicts receive proper care and therapy. Below we have some tips on how to cure addiction of various kinds.

The lesser-known metal illnesses and addictions

We are already familiar with alcohol and substance addiction, but on the lesser-known addiction spectrum, we have the gaming addiction. Although it impacts the lives of fewer individuals than alcohol addiction and drug addiction does, the effects are similar, especially when discussing the poor life quality of these addicts. The World Health Organization categorizes gaming addiction as a real mental disorder. Like in the case of all addictions, this one needs proper treatment and attention.

Of course, holistic rehabs for addictions are suitable in this case as well. These centers have been proven to deliver 90% recovery rates in the case of mental illness and comparable recovery rates in the case of addictions. We are all aware that traditional recovery centers have low recovery rates and they never concentrate on the psychiatric element of the user’s addiction. Instead, the vast majority of these centers rely on trying to cure the physical part of addiction. In the long run, this approach is far from being effective.

Why less traditional approaches are more effective at curing addiction and mental illness?

Traditional rehab centers have success rates of only 20%. This rate is true for both substance use and mental disorders. In fact, experts claim that you should avoid at all costs, traditional recovery and rehabilitation centers. Many of these centers, unlike addiction holistic treatment centers, do not promise to heal the patient, and they don’t. In the case of those holistic centers, there falls a big accent on healing the mind before healing the body. Plus, addicts can find in such centers personalized therapies and treatment solutions. This brings an immense advantage, compared to traditional rehab facilities, where the patient will receive the sale age-old therapies and medication, the same outdated approaches and ineffective strategies.

At holistic facilities, therapists put a great accent on healing the mind before healing the body. A tired and tested approach, by many of the therapists there, these rehab strategies seem to work better than traditional ones do.

Recovering from addiction and mental illness, no matter of the type of issue that we’re discussing can be managed significantly easier if addicts consider getting themselves admitted in such holistic therapy and rehab centers. These facilities are by far the best in implementing the right therapy depending on each person’s issues.

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