Many women are attracted by heavy metal fashion and one of the reasons for that might be that this kind of style offers confidence and a note of rebellion to anyone who embraces it. Even if you are not a fan of heavy-metal music, you can still wear metal outfits and adapt them to your preferences because, after all, loving fashion means experimenting new things. Here are some ideas that can help you create a chic metal outfit that makes you look original.

Jewels represent an important detail

Jewels are necessary, no matter what style you embrace. They represent the details that make the difference, and add charm and originality to any outfit. Fortunately, offers you a big variety of rings, bracelets, belts and other accessories that give originality to your bold outfit. You can wear these accessories even if you wear jeans and t-shirts. The biggest advantage is that they are flexible and can be worn in different combinations, so if you go to a party, you can accessorize a black dress with these jewels.  

Skulls are a representative image

You will often see that skulls offer appear in this fashion style, and this is because they are very representative. The meanings of the skulls are different. They can represent life, death, courage and many other things and maybe this is why people love to wear them. A silver skull chain is the perfect item that combines elegance with boldness. They can be worn by men and women as well and you can choose what model you like.

Say “yes” to black

You cannot achieve a metal outfit using colors like pink. The black color is representative for a metal appearance. It denotes mystery, power and confidence and maybe this is why many people love it and choose to wear it. You can wear black skinny jeans, black jackets and t-shirts. Black leather jackets are a must, and can be easily combined with blue jeans. You do not have to wear black all the time, as you can include camouflage pants and denim jackets in your wardrobe.

Use bandanas in different ways

Bandanas are fun and colorful and you can use them in many ways. Their biggest advantage is that they add some color to a black outfit, and you can choose how to wear them. You could wear a bandana on your head, use it as an accessory for your neck, and even as a bracelet. Their best advantage is that they are inexpensive and besides that, they are fun and interesting.

Put on some dark make up

Make up is an important think you should consider to add the final touch. Contour your eyes in dark colors, like brown and black and if putting dark shades on your eyelids is too much, you can just use a black eye pencil and some mascara. You need to put some color on your lips too, so use red, burgundy or even brown. Leave your hair unfolded, and do not try to style it too much.


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