So, you are ready for the open relationship thing. Non-monogamy is definitely something you should try. Even though sometimes relationships overlap, you will be happier. You enjoy freedom as well as variety, but don’t expect people to congratulate you for your choice. Open-minded relationships seem scary at first. Couples meet up and they have experiences outside of their primary love partnership. If you don’t know what you are doing, things can go terribly wrong. Do you really want to begin opening up? If yes, check out these tips.

Understand what it means to be in an open relationship

There is a lot of confusion surrounding open-minded relationships, so it’s necessary to shed some light on the matter. An open relationship is a relationship in which the romantic partnership is not governed by exclusivity. People involved in these kinds of relationships are often referred to monogamish. This is a term you need to remember. If you are okay with the fact that your significant other will date with other people, go ahead.

Discuss things with your partner

The key to starting an open relationship is to discussing things over with your partner. Sure, you will have plenty of time to chat, but you need to find the right moment. You are the only one who knows when it is the best time to talk about his issue. When you have the “talk”, make your intentions clear. Say what you would like and what you wouldn’t like to do. If you reach an agreement, you can take things to the next step.

Make sure you are doing it for the right reasons

Are you interested in an open relationship just because you want to try something new? Or maybe what you are looking for is sharing your emotional and spiritual self? Either way, you are doing it for the wrong reasons. What you should know is that open relationships are not about infidelity. You aren’t supposed to share your feelings or emotions. You aren’t supposed to care about the people you get involved with. Most importantly, you aren’t supposed to put anything above your primary relationship.

Set some rules

Every couple has their own rules when it comes to their open relationships. It’s advisable to start with a few clear rules. You can devise others on the way. what guidelines should you be setting? Well, here are some examples for you:

  • This is our primary relationship.
  • Be honest.
  • No encounters with mutual friends.

These are only some examples. The fact is that you can set any rules you want. Considering that each marriage and, implicitly, relationship is unique, it’s essential to find out what works for you.

Be prepared to get jealous

There will be situations when you will feel jealous. Let’s say that you are at a club party for open-minded couples. You see your partner talking with other people. Even if  nothing happens –  you’re in a club crying out loud – you can’t help but be upset and angry that the person you love is interested in someone else, even if they are just socialising.

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