When it comes to style, there are plenty of approaches that might work just wonderfully. Witty ideas that may improve your looks, without overspending. We are talking about ribbons, incredibly versatile pieces that might improve what many might think of as a total waste. Old clothing items, old shoes and even a boring hairstyle. Below we have some great ideas that will certainly help you acquire the look of your dreams.

Beautify your hairstyle

A plain hairstyle might become boring in time. And if you are not willing to cut your hair of dye it, ribbons may be the answer that you are searching for. A ribbon headband, braids with ribbons and classy hairdos can all be accomplished by using some simple pieces of hair bow grosgrain ribbon. If you have your doubts or think that you may lack the skill, only take a look at the multitude of YouTube videos that feature such elements. These are easy to use and integrate in all looks, and if you are interested in such hairstyles, you must know that even celebrities like Angelina Jolie included those in their style multiple times before. So, research your options ang do for it.

Beautify old clothing items

You must know that you don’t have to throw away old clothing pieces that no longer correspond with your style. Simply give them an upgrade by using some rolls of ribbons. Attack these to old T-shit pockets, shoulders and trimming, and you’ll create a completely new item. Not convinced yet? Then you should take a look at all Pinterest boards that teach you how could you make old clothing items preppy by using ribbons. In many cases, you won’t even need a sewing machine, being necessary only a hot glue gun and some pieces of ribbons. Give it a try!

Old boots can also be upgraded with ribbons!

Ribbon shoelaces are trendy right now, so if you have a pair which you don’t fancy anymore, you can give it an upgrade by integrating such small elements. Of course, you can research other options as well around the web, but this may be the most versatile idea that we could give.

These are three ways in which you can use old ribbon pieces in order to create a more unique personal style. Do your homework, because out there, there are way more ways in which you could use those.

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