“Nobody’s last words have been, ‘I wish I’d eaten more rice cakes.’ “- Amy Krouse Rosenthal

We stole a giggle from you didn’t we? Great thing is you probably already feel better than you previously did. And, as many psychologist claim in the last years, a good laughter comes with plenty of benefits, from lifting spirits, to giving you some abdominal workout if you do it frequently and enthusiastically. Therefore, go ahead and read a funny quote of the day as often as you can and be a little healthier. Some interesting benefits of laughter you can find below.

1. Gain the ability of looking on the bright side of every bad situation

Life is not always filled with joy and happiness. But there are people who can certainly find a good thing in every unpleasant situation encountered. For that reason, they are less likely to become overwhelmed by them. Humor, as scientists suggest, and the ability of finding amusing aspects of events that might cause stress and anxiety has a great effect on our general state of well-being. People with this great ability have less chances of developing anxiety and depression, are less likely to become substance abusers, as many studies imply.

2. Not taking life too seriously comes with a couple of benefits

We all do mistakes and things don’t always fall in their place. But beating ourselves up on aspects of this kind is not a solution. Make sure you understand your mistakes and you don’t repeat them, while you can still have a laugh at the ridicule of the moment or situation. If you have the ability of not taking yourself too seriously, or life either, chances are you will have a full and happy life, unlike those who tend to worry about every little step they make and demoralize themselves over their mistakes.

3. Increase blood circulation by laughing

A group study shown that laughing improves the health of blood vessels, having a great effect on patients suffering from cardiovascular diseases. Subject’s blood vessel system had a positive response when watching a funny movie, while watching a sad movie, their blood vessels constricted due to high levels of stress. Therefore, you might want to start laugh more if you are a subject of a cardiovascular disease.  

4. You get a great workout

Although you might not be doing jumping-jacks while laughing, muscles in your abdomen, face and neck still tense quite a bit. This, of course, if you have a good laugh. Therefore, if you are trying to burn a few extra calories, you might try laughter as a complementary workout to running, let’s say.

No man has ever died from laughter, but many seem to have great psychological and physiological responses. As many tend to overlook the importance of a good laughter, specialists recommend doing this as often as we can, even though we do it exclusively for feeling better.

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