A strict diet can be extremely boring to many, even if it is very healthy. The key is to find a balance between all sources of nutrients. Moreover, from time to time, we are allowed to consume a product that is considered ‘unhealthy’. However, there are some unhealthy foods that most people consume on a daily basis, unaware that this unhealthy lifestyle can do more harm than good. Below, we have listed the top unhealthy foods that people consume.

Fast food

Fast food, such as donuts, hot dogs, hamburgers, pizza, chicken nuggets is generally full of dyes, sugar and all sorts of chemicals. The sweeteners and fat can cause heart problems, diabetes, neurological and digestive problems, migraines, depression and even cancer. It is therefore important to avoid consuming junk food as often and instead eat fruits and veggies and drink at least 8 glasses of water per day.

Processed meats

Most processed meat products such as bacon, sausage, baloney, hot dogs burgers and others, contain chemical preservatives that make them look fresh and appetizing. Usually in these meats there are used nitrites to give them a “lively” color. These substances have been linked to an increased risk of colon cancer and other types of cancers. It is advisable to avoid eating processed meats, at least on a day to day basis, if you can’t get rid of this unhealthy habit for once and for all.


Margarine contains unsaturated fats fats. Unsaturated fats are found naturally in dairy and meat products, but the vast majority are formed during hydrogenation of vegetable oil that turns into a semi-solid oil. Margarine can aggravate diseases such as colitis and arthritis. Other ingredients used in the production of margarine include toxic metals. This can cause lung and kidney problems, atherosclerosis, hypertension. Following a study conducted by Harvard University, it demonstrated a meal rich in unsaturated fats double the chance of heart attack and decreases life expectancy. Compared with margarine, butter increases the good cholesterol in the blood. However, butter should be eaten in moderation.

White sugar

Processed sugar has a high chemical content. The body can not process foods that have a large amount of calories (foods high in calories but low in nutrients). White sugar consumption slows cell activity and has a negative impact on the immune system. Sugar contributes to the risk of tooth decay so if you want to avoid going to the dentist several times a year you should avoid consuming white sugar as often. White sugar can also make you gain weight rapidly, so it’s best to avoid it if you are on a diet and replace with coconut sugar or palm sugar. If you experience cravings for sweet foods, you can eat fruit and dark chocolate.

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