Up and down the UK, millions of homeowners are continually embroiled in the fierce battle to improve their homes and make the best of their most treasured assets. Now more than ever, individuals are totally shunning the concept of bringing in the professionals to sort things out and are instead wholeheartedly embracing good old DIY. In fact, the United Kingdom has become to some extent renowned for being a country of DIY lovers, which in reality represents the thriftiest home improvement tip of all.

But assuming you would like to take things a few steps further in terms of the savings – what could be done to minimise costs and generally transform the home for less? In a case where the available budget is a little on the limited side, is it still perfectly possible to effectively overhaul the home as a whole, or at least the most prominent and important rooms?

In fact, it is – here are some tips from the experts on how exactly to achieve epic results for less:

1 – Upgrade the Lighting

First up, one of the most overlooked elements in terms of home décor and interior design in general is lighting. We are all aware that we need quality lighting in the home for basic functionality and perhaps some designer outdoor lighting for general appeal, but the way in which it can add something extremely important to ambience and décor really does not get enough attention. If for instance you were to invest in a few designer lighting fixtures or fittings with strategically chosen bulbs, you might find out that you are able to completely overhaul the dynamic of a certain room without in fact changing anything else at all. Just in the same way that bad lighting can lay to waste a room of genuine appeal, great quality lighting can make all the difference to any rooms where overall ambience is not exactly palatial.

2 – Consider A Lick or Two

Aside from lighting, maybe the other most radical yet simple transformation that could be brought to any room of the home is a lick or two of paint. The simple fact is that if all walls and ceiling have been the same neutral shade of off-white for a few decades now, it is going to be quite difficult to transform the room no matter how much effort you’re willing to put into it. Once again, the beauty of offering a room a makeover with a new coat of paint represents the way in which whichever colour or shade you select immediately frames the rest of the things in the room in a totally different way. So while it might only be the walls you are painting, you’re in fact transforming basically everything in the room.

3 – Move Furniture

In terms of saving money on home decorating and improvements, one of the most efficient approaches of all is to work strategically with what you have access to. If you can get away with purchasing pretty much nothing else at all, you are golden. It is therefore worth thinking about taking a walk around the home and looking at the various bits of furniture, accessories and fixtures that can in theory be moved around. Simply by switching a couple of things around from one room to the next, you would be surprised how big of an impact this could have on the feel and look of the rooms. Even just slightly moving the furniture around in the living room to a somewhat new arrangement could transform the room’s overall appeal and dynamic.

4 – In With the Old?

It is quite the blessing these days that the worn, distressed and “rustic” look is the height of good taste and fashion right now. You only need to check out the choice of furniture in the most fashionable coffee shops and hipster restaurants out there to see how things are working in the flesh – no two bits of furniture match and most things look almost like they are on their last legs. So, if you have been thinking about overhauling your place with some new furniture, why not check out the various distressed pieces at charity shops and vintage stores up and down the UK, where you can pick up such bits and pieces basically for free.

5 – Outdoors, Indoors

Last up, there is absolutely nothing in the world that could bring the home in general a uniquely vibrant and fresh new dynamic than the generous and strategic installation of greenery and plants all over the place. If you do not already have plenty of plants around the home, it could be almost impossible to realise just how huge the difference could be when you bring a bit of the outdoors indoors. And it is not as if they need to be expensive orchids either – basically anything will do in terms of breathing new energy and life into the rooms of your home, all year round.

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