Massage therapy is basically the systematic manipulation of body tissues to relax muscles, relieve pain, reduce swelling, and to speed the healing process after sprains and strains. It includes kneading, friction, squeezing, light or hard stroking, and percussion.
After a one hour session of massage, you will feel the amazing benefits of this type of therapy for your mind and body, reasons enough for you to peruse the top picks of and choose a massage chair that will offer you the most intense massage at home, just as if you were in the hands of the best masseuse. If you are interested in what these physical and mental benefits are more exactly, read the following lines to find out.

Physical benefits

One of the most important physical benefits of massage therapy is the fact that it helps relieve pain regardless of its cause, lessening the need for pain killing medication, and it’s able to do this due to the fact that it stimulates the release of endorphins in your body.
Another important physical benefit of massage therapy is that it improves blood circulation in the body, improving the supply of nutrients to the cells of the body and the transport of waste materials from the cells at the same time.
Other major physical benefits include the improving of the lymphatic system, the relief of inflammatory conditions, weight loss, cellulite removal, therapeutic abilities, and the improvement of flexibility.

Mental benefits

Most people turn to massage therapy for the same reason, and that is to relieve stress. Stress relief is possible through massage therapy due to the fact that it helps release cortisol, a hormone responsible for lowering the stress of the body, and for reducing the feeling of anxiety.
For those who suffer from insomnia or sleep related problems due to anxiety or depression, massage therapy has the great benefit of relaxing the minds and bodies of these people for them to be able to get a much deserved good night’s sleep.
Last but not least, when it comes to the mental benefits of massage therapy we can’t leave out the fact that it improves focus and concentration, helping improve creativity and productivity.

Benefit from massage therapy at home

There is no better place to enjoy a great massage than in the comfort of your own home, and the perfect tool to help you receive a quality massage at home is the massage chair. Therefore, instead of having to go to the spa or gym to receive the much-needed massage, invest in a massage chair and have the same experience in your own home.
Probably the best massage chair on the market is the Inada Sogno Dreamwave, and you can have this amazing and stylish massage chair in your own home for the price of $9000.
It has the broadest massage coverage of all the available models, covering over 1200 square inches, it’s designed for people of all ages, having special options for the young and the old people, it provides a customized massage for one of 106 body types, you can either make a customized massage program for yourself or choose one of the 8 pre-set programs, and it uses an innovative technology to mimic the Shiatsu massage provided by a therapist perfectly.

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