Your precious sweet child should learn that chaotically running around the house, breaking into pieces the last remains of their parent’s sanity does not count as a form of physical activity. It might be quite entertaining for the eager and energetic little person, but, for it to count as such, it should be performed outdoors, far away from their exhausted mothers, wondering what went wrong in educating their treasures. Social netball in London might help your child consume some of the gushing energy Mother Nature, somehow managed to fit into a being so small.

Proper stretches, not trying to sabotage their parents by climbing for the tablet

Oh, so precious is the child when trying to profit from a single second of their parent’s lack of permanent supervision and they somehow manage to climb different furniture pieces, in a series. And quite impressive, as well. The permanently surprised mother would rather consider taking their moppet to netball, since there seems to be a proper stretch routine that might, hopefully, drain the last energy resources they have. Yes, the routine is quite healthy as well, stretching the joints the kid overworked by tapping on a screen. A bit of a warm up and a stretch might but that blood in circulation and maybe, just maybe, it might motivate them do something useful for their health.   

Develop the necessary motor skills so they stop stumbling off their feet

Your child is a voluntary one, and at a point in their existence, they might have suggested that they help you with a choir. But then, the only thing you can remember was the expensive eco eggs laying on the floor and the “Look, mom, I dropped them!” announcement of your treasure. Of course, netball will help them develop the necessary motor skills they need in order to avoid this kind of unfortunate events in the future. Netball is based on different drills that increase your child’s coordination abilities, body awareness levels and strengthen those weak muscles so next time they manage to carry their own Sippy cup. Zig zag drills usually performed in netball will help them develop the ability of changing directions without issues.

If you love your children enough to let them develop properly and you love yourself enough to have a couple of hours of adult time, you might want to consider this wonderful team game.


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