Considering the progress in technology, you would be tempted to think that we have gotten rid of exasperations. Unfortunately, we have not. We have a long way to go, especially when it comes to fashion. Fashion mishaps occur all the time and they make your life harder. Surprisingly, you can manage fashion catastrophes with ribbons. Good for you if you have spent all your money on shopping at Here are some ribbon hacks you can try.

Instead of jewellery, wear ribbon

Why wear your good jewellery when you can wear ribbon and still look chic? If there is one thing you should be wearing right now, it is the choker. This 90s style necklace compliments every outfit and it has been spotted in the high streets. But do you know how to correctly wear a ribbon choker? Of course, you do not. The right way to wear a choker is like Kim Kardashian. Double up the jewellery by adding a pendant. However, if you want a statement necklace, try braiding ribbon around a chain necklace. It is unusual to use sash, but at least you will grab the attention.

Take your dress from strapless to halter

No matter how much you love your strapless dress, you have to admit that it is hard to wear. If you do not have an hourglass figure, it will keep falling. Fortunately, you can solve the problem with ribbon. All you need to transform your strapless dress into a halter one is coloured band of material. Mark a line on the dress, so you will know where to begin, and start sewing. Once the trimming is in place, you will no longer have to worry it will fall off. You will have the support you need.

Update your ballet flats

Ballet flats are at the same time romantic and classic. But are you just not bored about the way they look? If so, you need to do something about it. Online, you will find many tutorials on how to add ribbon to ballet flats. Instead of going throw the trouble of stitching, just wrap ribbon around your feet. Get a silk ribbon and dress up your feet. It will look like the bandeau is attached to the shoes, not your feet. If you prefer, wrap your boots.

Use ribbon as a belt

While ribbon will not keep your pants in place, it will certainly make you look more feminine. Accessorise your pants or your dress with a lovely sash.

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