Every year when summer is approaching, teachers have to think of different locations to go on school trips with their students. Even though planning a school trip sounds easy – you pick a place, book accommodation and make the payments – in reality though things are a lot more complicated, because there are many factors to value in this process. This year for instance, teachers can opt for a school trip at Paulton’s Park. Here’s a short guide you, as a teacher, should take into account when planning a school trip.

Choose the right location

Obviously, the most important thing to establish before going on a school trip is location. You need to choose something that will keep students busy, will make them enjoy and have the time of their lives and, at the same time, will do good for their education. One such place is Paulton’s / Peppa Pig World located in the New Forest, in the UK. This is one of the best places for school groups interested in going on trips. The Lab for instance, will teach students more about chemistry, physics and many more. Children are hard to please and it is even more difficult to keep them attracted when there are so many distractions surrounding them.


You are going to travel in large groups, which means that when looking for accommodation, you need to know at least an approximate number of students interested in going on this trip. You have to select accommodation that will suit both teachers and students accordingly. Do some detailed research on the Internet and see which one of Peppa Pig World hotels would be a more convenient choice.  

Discuss with parents yourself

No matter how much children may want to go on this school trip, it is the parent who decides whether it is a yes or a no. If they do not know all details of this school trip and are ensured their children will be safe during the entire period, chances are they will not allow their little ones to go, which means you will have to recalculate every cost once again, from transportation to accommodation, tourist attractions entrances and so on. You are responsible for this school trip, which means that you should discuss with parents and provide them with all information they need.

Give students and parents tips and tricks on how and what to pack

Depending on the destination you selected, it is essential to dress accordingly and this is something you should tell parents too. You should discuss not only with students on what to pack and take with them on this trip, but also with parents, to ensure that children will not come in this trip unprepared. If you are going to a themed water park for example, the swimsuit should definitely not miss from the luggage. If the trip is somewhere in a mountainous area, it is recommended to pack warm clothes.

All things considered, these are some of the aspects teachers should consider when planning a school trip.

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