Oftentimes, living in a rental apartment means that you cannot express your personality by decorating and remodelling the property as you wish. But fear not, there are plenty of rental-friendly solutions if you want to decorate your college apartment in a way in which to express your personality and passions. However, before starting decorating your rental apartment, you must find the appropriate type of accommodation for the fairly long journey that is college. You can easily find a private student landlord in Newcastle by using the services of a specialised agency, and even more, you will save some money as well, by doing so. But more on how to find the perfect accommodation and how to decorate it, in the following paragraphs.

1. Search for high-quality student housing services

You don’t have to collaborate with letting agencies, because there are other types of agencies able to find the best accommodation for students. Their apartments are nearby campuses, making it easier to reach the courses and other University facilities, they are properly equipped, from the bathroom, to kitchen and other areas of the house, and they are amazingly maintained. Also, they have increased levels of security and all utility bills are included in their prices. Moreover, students don’t have to make a huge deposit before renting the apartment, and they are not requested upfront rental fees. They are just perfect to share with some of your friends, assuring the necessary space and privacy for such purposes. Consider those before searching for other types of student accommodation.

2. Fake plants work wonders

Greenery makes a space look more lifelike, but if you are a student, then most likely lack the levels of awareness in terms of plant necessities. Invest in fake plants, so you give your house a fresher look, even if you are not willing to care for them like an adult. Ikea has amazing fake plants, and many don’t even realise that they are fake. They have a natural appearance, minus the maintenance required in general by plants.

3. Decorate your old appliances

If the appliances in the house are not late generation and they’re not that handsome as they used to, you could give them a fresher look by using adhesive foil to decorate them. For instance, use silver adhesive foil on the cooking machine, while on the fridge you could use rose gold foil. Cut it into wide strips and then apply it alternatively on the fridge, in a horizontal pattern. This simple step will give your entire kitchen a fresher look.

4. Replace the rugs

Although all apartments rented through agencies like FindSpace Newcastle look amazing, you might want to add a more personal look. Maybe you felt inspired by the Game of Thrones series and now you need some fake sheep skins in your life. Simply roll the existing rugs neatly and place instead, some rugs that you prefer. Simple like that.

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