Foreigners that move in France have to cope with the difficulty of finding a job. Considering that it is not an easy thing to move into a country with different traditions, in which people speak a different language, finding work may seem difficult. There are many solutions that could make things easier for you. There are a few tips that could help you, so check below.

The first and most important steps

The most important thing you should know is that speaking French is necessary no matter what type of job you choose. If your French is non-existent or rusty, you could consider taking some classes. It is not easy to look for a suitable job by yourself, so count on the help of pole emploi seine saint denis. This is the national agency for employment that helps unemployed people find a job that fulfills their needs.

Job industries in France

The big industries in France are tourism, pharmaceutical, metallurgy, aerospace, electronics and industrial. They provide the most chances of employment, and approximately three quarters of the French population work in these industries. You could also find a job in restaurants, hotels, hospitals, banks and IT companies. Work experience is essential, so consider an internship. It may not be easy to find the job of your dreams right from the beginning, so be flexible and choose something that could prepare you for the desired job. You will gain experience and also have the chance to practice your French. In addition, you can get to meet new people and make contacts that can help you in finding something better.

Qualifications and permits

If you are a European or a Swiss citizen, you have more benefits of working in France. Usually, everybody else needs to find a job first and then wait for authorization. You can get your educational qualifications recognized if you are from a country that signed up to the Bologna Process. If you are not, you can check if your qualifications are recognized.  Do not forget that speaking French and having experience is important. If you want to be a teacher, the French education system requires French qualifications.

Other sources of information

Although agencies of employment should be your first choice because they are professional, there are other ways that could help you finding a job in France. Regional and national newspapers provide job ads. The internet is very helpful in finding a place to work, so you can search specialized websites that offer vacant jobs. Another idea is to talk to your friends and acquaintances. They may help you with useful information or tips. Do not despair if you do not find a job as quickly as you want. Usually, this takes time, patience and a lot of effort. Do not be disappointed if you are rejected, because this is a normal thing. As long as you try hard to follow your dreams, nothing is impossible. If you find something suitable, make sure you send the employers a good job application in order to get an interview.

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