Uptime Plus Company is one of the leaders in the logistics industry. Companies are struggling to get more clients but Uptime Plus Company seems to not be affected by this issue. Their services are backed by years of experience, and their professionalism is the one that brings them more and more clients daily. In order to improve the communication with their clients, this company decided to invest in a Transportation Management Services. These systems help them stay in touch with both their clients and carriers and they increase the levels of performance of the company. In case there is need, they can use the systems to change the delivery schedule and to share the changes with the carriers. When a client wants to place an order, all they have to do is to use the EDI interface, because there they will find the guidance they need. When a client hires this company, they know that the services will be customised according to their needs.

But, Uptime Plus Company does not offer only logistics services, they have a wide range of solutions that can be used by people who have different needs. On their official website Dorneo.com the ones interested in working with this company can also book mail forwarding services. These services are essential for people from all around the world, because it offers them the possibility to buy from online stores that ship only in the United States. This company has a base located in the United States and they send from there the packages worldwide to their clients. The clients have to create an online account and to do their shopping using their US mailing address. The address is useful not only when shopping from websites that deliver only to the Unites States, but also when a business needs to receive their correspondence or when a person prefers to receive the mail at another address. Clients can use their mail account 24/7 and they will receive the products and mail no matter where they are located. The clients will have delivered only the mail they want to receive, because junk mail is automatically discarded.

Other important services this company offers, are the miscellaneous services. When a client wants to work with this company, they can book a single service, or they can combine them. All their services can be combined, so the clients do not have to worry on the effectiveness of the ones they book. Uptime Plus Company has created multiple services and they use numerous systems to check the performance of every one of their services. They have as main tool an inventory management system, but alongside with it they also use other services. Their services are highly competitive on the logistics market. They excel at what they do, something not all their competitors can say. Every one of their deliveries is important for them, and this is why their clients are always satisfied with the services they get. The needs of their clients are the most important ones, and they personalise their services in order to have only satisfied clients.

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