Having a baby is an important and life changing event in every family. If for one reason or another you decided to give birth in France, you should know how the French healthcare system works and what services are available for you and your new-born child.


The maternity period

Whether you took a test that came out positively, or you need confirmation from a specialist, it is necessary to go to a doctor. Once the result is 100% positive, the doctor will discuss your family history, and will take a blood test to identify any possible risk of diseases to the baby. The next step is that the doctor will transfer you, or you can choose a gynecologist that will be with you during the pregnancy. In addition, he can also help you choose a lying-in hospital. After your first antenatal examination, a document declaring your pregnancy in France will be given to you. This document is necessary to claim health insurance for childbirth in France and social security coverage for parents. You are entitled to receive payment from insurance institutions. For more details check out cpam93. After the first 6 months of pregnancy, all costs are covered. However, you will receive a maternity record book that will contain the details and record of each examination.

The delivery process

You should first know that if you choose a privately run clinic, the costs might not be covered by the insurance. However, in a state run hospital, all the costs, including eventual examinations of the baby, prenatal tests or anesthetizes are fully covered. A midwife will be with you the whole delivery period. The doctor and the midwife will make a fully evaluation and will inform you upon any potential complications. The midwife will also visit you home during your recovery if you leave the hospital after 5 days. In addition, a pediatrician will consult your baby before leaving the hospital. The registration of birth is necessary and should be made within 3 working days of the birth. The registration is usually made by the father, but can also be made by a doctor, or entitled staff that was present during the delivery.

Postnatal attention

You will be given a health record book by your doctor after the delivery. It is necessary to take the book at any of your baby’s consultation, as it will store the medical record. The baby will receive examinations within the first 8 days of his life, and then regularly for one year. The examinations will continue up to the age of 6. There are many postnatal benefits for mothers and babies, so ask your doctor or midwifes about more pieces of information.

One more important thing to know for parents is that the baby will receive automatically French citizenship as long as one of the parents is French. If none of the parents has French nationality, the child will receive French citizenship at the age of 18 and this if he is a resident in this country.

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