Being a successful netball player implies a lot of hard work, dedication and most importantly practice. It is commonly known that doing any type of sport is beneficial for your health, especially if it involves intense physical activity and netball is one very good example. However, if you want to become a professional player and reach success in one of those netball leagues London, it is essential that you focus on the five S’s of netball that are also mentioned below in this article.


Netball is a game of speed, this is for sure. It involves abrupt stopping and a lot of movement, since the number of players is much lower than compared to classical football for instance. According to experts, this trait can be broken down into a series of other important subcategories, such as agility, straight line speed and the well-known “sport speed”. All of these are essential in netball and they can only be developed and improved through exercise.


This one involves muscular endurance, power and strength, but also mobility during gameplay, which are crucial traits for netball players. In order to improve strength, it is advisable that you engage in various other physical activities, such as weight training, cycling, swimming or even running, since these ones are going to improve your muscle strength, especially in the lower-body part.


In order to become a professional netball player, it is essential first to get in great body shape. Being fit is going to help you move a lot more freely in court and be more flexible during gameplay. Practising Pilates can help you improve body flexibility and mobility, so you should definitely consider enrolling in some sessions.


This one has two subcategories and those are your tactical skills and your technical skills. It is important to develop both areas if you want to master netball and become a successful player. In case you lack in one of them, it is recommended that you focus on it during the off-season.


Being able to sustain physical activity on the long-term and having great aerobic endurance is the key to success in any type of sports, including netball. This is the reason why experts advise players to stay active even during the off-season by getting involved in all sorts of physical activities.

As it can be seen, these are the five “S”s that make a great netball player.

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