Education is the foundation of civilization, of a healthy society. This is the goal towards all people should strive for. It is very important to make sure that children of all ages grow in a responsible manner, having full access to education. Only a strong start in life will provide them with the necessary tools to build a strong future. A maths GCSE tutor Harrow based is so much more than a teacher. If chosen properly, a good tutor can change the life of the child. Maybe you are wondering what the professional tutoring process looks like. So, why not take look inside the secrets of a tutoring agency, a reliable and professional one? Here are some of the elements of the process a child goes through when deciding to collaborate with a professional tutor.

A first assessment

No tutor will go on this road with student unless he or she is aware of the true level of knowledge. Each tutoring program is made in such a way that it perfectly advantages the student. Without knowing the level of the student, the tutor cannot set up a proper program, making it impossible for a complete education to be achieved. So, the first step of all is a assessing the child to offer him or her the right learning program.

Year long courses

It is relevant to mention that courses towards achieving high GCSE points should be followed over a time frame of an entire year. Throughout this time the student will learn everything there is about the GCSE exams and have various revision periods. The tutor will work together with the student all year round and the two will be able to recap the entire information requested at  the exam.

Homework and periodic testing

Once the child has gone through the entire information necessary for the final exam, the tutor will perform certain verifications of his or her own. What is important to mention is that unlike tests these verifications will be attentively corrected and the tutor will provide the child with complete explanations with regards to the mistakes made. This is what matters the most. The child must understand what his mistakes were and the proper way to correct them. On top of these verifications, the student will be receiving homework to allow the information to sink in. By completing all homework and later on verifying them together with the tutor, all results will be significantly improved.


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