You might nor realize it, but your mattress hides many threats that can damage your health in a serious way. Given how important your sleeping routine is, you should pay more attention to the mattress and to how it can influence your health. Discover below which are the hidden health threats of your mattress and how you can solve these issues.

The many allergens inside it

Given the spongy nature of the mattress, no wonder how many allergens gather inside its many thick layers, making it one of the dirtiest things in your house. These small particles get inside the mattress and can pose a serious threat to your health especially if you are sensitive to allergies and prone to developing asthma. This is why you should turn your mattress from one side to the other and clean it thoroughly using a powerful vacuum cleaner. Another useful cleaning trick is to sprinkle baking soda over the mattress and leave it over night to absorb the dirt and the humidity gathered inside it. It’s also good to use a mattress cover that protects it from dirt and you can easily wash in the washing machine.

The toxic fumes in the foam

Although it’s the most popular and affordable type of mattress, the memory foam mattress is the most harmful one due to the toxic fumes it emits. According to many 2016 mattress reviews, most memory foam mattresses, release a gassy smell for at least a couple of weeks of use. Given that it’s made of synthetic latex that has been treated with a wide range of substances, the memory foam includes many toxic fumes that are released into the air. Sleeping on a memory foam could be extremely dangerous because you inhale these fumes for a very long time, so you should reconsider buying a memory foam mattress. Instead, opt for a natural latex version that is much safer for your health or an organic cotton version that ensures a safe sleeping environment.

Bad body support

Besides these two health threats, the mattress you sleep in can also damage our body through an improper sleeping posture. If the mattress isn’t hard enough, it won’t support your body the right way which leads to terrible back pain and headache in the morning and serious spine damage after prolonged use. Based on the latest 2016 mattress reviews, the most comfortable mattresses are the harder ones, as they provide a better support, thus ensuring a more restful sleep. Many people choose a soft mattress because of the sinking feeling they offer, but few know that a mattress should be rather hard than soft in order to provide the right sleeping posture. Therefore, avoid choosing a mattress that doesn’t sustain your body and causes you a bad sleeping followed by pain, discomfort, and spine problems.

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