Each year, decorating the Christmas tree becomes the most important task of the season. The tree is, without any doubt, the central element of your house décor, which is why it has to receive the due attention. So, before going to shopping for presents, hanging the stockings from the mantel and wrapping up the gifts, what you must do is decide on how you are going to embellish the tree this year. You may think that piles and piles of ornaments are not enough to make it look gorgeous, but you might actually be wrong. There is one item in particular that will help you get the perfect result: ribbon. It is true that you will need plenty of it, but here are just some of the best ideas for using ribbon as your main decoration:

The luxurious topper

If you have always used a star as the final touch for your beautiful Christmas tree, then it is high time you started thinking out of the box. Replace the traditional star with an extravagant bow, made of ribbon. You can buy PP bows in dedicated stores, so all you have to do is pick the most fabulous one to complete the tree trimming. Use tinny matching ones as ornaments for the branches, but make sure you choose a statement bow as a topper.

Use ribbon instead of tinsel

Tinsel is, of course, one piece of decoration that should not be missing from any decent Christmas tree. But how about replacing it with ribbon? It will give your décor a stylish, modern and sophisticated touch. There are many designs you could try. For an evergreen effect, pun on some glimmering braided ribbon around the boughs. For a richer result, you can even twine waves of beautiful fabric between the branches, vertically, to create a waterfall effect. Choose a mother of pearl textured material, in colours such as       blue, gold or silver.

Add it to original ornaments

This year, decorations such as pictures, sweets or other objects you have around the house are quite in style! To obtain an even more diaphanous and magical effect, replace the dull hangers with beautiful ribbons. Frame some of your favourite photographs with family and friends, but a bow on them and hang them on the branches of your Christmas tree. Everybody will be surprised by your creativity and thoughtfulness!


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