Education always seems to draw the short straw when it comes to the government’s annual budget plans. As such, schools are always struggling with low budgets, and things have been increasingly difficult in the last decades, as schools had to adapt to the latest tech trends, in order to provide an education that suits the needs of today’s society. Needless to say, when the education budget is distributed, sports always come last, because sport is considered more of a recreational activity. That being said, it is no wonder, that sports clubs are always trying to come up with new ways to raise money for their athletic programs. Well, today we are here to show you some efficient ways in which you can successfully raise the necessary budget for any sports program.

Use a digital scoring table

Organizing a fundraising event can be a nightmare, not to mention that a lot of the money that you will raise will be used to pay for the costs of the event, which kind beats the purpose of raising money in the first place. A scoring table is a faster and much more efficient way to raise money. All you have to do is invest in a good device, like a Sideline Interactive digital scorer table. These tables are of top quality and they come with a user-friendly software that allows you to easily manage the ads. Once you buy the table, contact local businesses and convince them to advertise themselves at your sport events. This shouldn’t be a very challenging task, as nowadays, most businesses have a designated marketing budget. The Sideline Interactive digital scoring tables will help you raise the necessary money, but they will also provide you with other benefits as well. They can be used to engage the audience at important games, to promote key players for talent scouts and they can even be used as coaching tools.

Use accurate data to convince businesses to sponsor you

As we already mentioned, convincing the local businesses to sponsor you shouldn’t be very difficult. Nonetheless, you can maximize your chances of getting sponsored, if you come up with a great sales pitch. First of all, gather your data. Consider the amount of people that usually come to your games, their age, their gender and so on.When considering what businesses to approach, consider the ones that appeal to your game audience. For example, if you are the coach of a junior team, and your usual audience consists of parents over the age of 30, consider a business suitable for that audience, like a restaurant, a furniture shop and so on. If you are the coach of a varsity team, and your audience usually consists of students, consider businesses that appeal to the younger generation, like a local sports bar, a club, or a clothing store. If you follow these steps, you will avoid wasting time with businesses that won’t be interested in this type of collaboration, and you will increase your chances of striking deals with businesses that will benefit from this type of advertising.

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