Saunas are mainly used for the relaxing effects they have on the human body after a stressful and demanding time. Nowadays, saunas are so popular, that people even install them at home. This is a lot more convenient than going to the spa all the time. Surprisingly enough, if you take a look at the site and compare some of the most popular home saunas, you will see that most of them are quite affordable. Moreover, the health benefits don’t stop with relieving stress, as they go far beyond the relaxing and stimulating effects and reach many other aspects. If you didn’t believe in the therapeutic effects of using the sauna, learning more about the unknown benefits it brings you will convince you to start your sauna sessions.

Beauty benefits

Not many people know the many ways using the sauna can improve the exterior aspect and enhance one’s natural beauty. First of all, the steam sauna offers the body an increased level of humidity that helps hydrate the skin and hair, making them look more beautiful and cleaner. The steam created by the sauna penetrates the skin and hair in depth and increases the healthy aspect by providing the right level of moisture. Second, the detoxifying properties of using the sauna enable the body to eliminate the toxins in the skin and hair, thus improving the exterior aspect. This results in fewer wrinkles, fewer acne problems, and a healthier overall aspect.

Stronger immunity

Using the sauna regularly for a longer amount of time can also strengthen the immune system by helping the body create white blood cells. These cells help the human body fight illness and infections, allowing it to stay healthier and to prevent common immune system conditions. If an illness does occur, the person using the sauna regularly will heal faster due to the strengthened immune system obtained through sauna sessions.

Weight loss

Sweating in the sauna is a great way of losing weight due to the intense heat that makes the body sweat heavily. Although you can’t rate it as physical effort, spending time in the sauna increases your heart rate due to the heat it is submitted to. Simple studies have shown that 20 minutes in the sauna at around 170F can burn up to 500 calories, which is quite impressive, considering you just sit and relax.

Improved sports performance

The effects the heat in the sauna has on your blood flow makes your body more resistant to physical effort during workouts and it also helps you recover faster from muscle soreness. By increasing the tolerance to a high level of heat, your body will be more prepared for intense effort, thus developing a higher endurance in sports. Also, if you suffer from muscle soreness after an exhausting workout session, some time in the sauna will help you ease the pain and discomfort.

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