Have you ever heard the expression you are what you eat? You may not believe that it is true, but the ones who have tried it discovered that it is truer than they could imagine. Ancient people considered food preparation as a sacred action. Even nowadays there are people who consider that if you eat only natural and whole food you will be able to take energy from the Earth and sun. So what vibes are better than these ones? If you want to reach your higher self then you should try to raise your vibration through the food you eat.  Only if you will get your spirit higher than it is now, you will be able to hear the Spirit, and food can help you do it. And no, you do not have to spend your savings in order to eat organic food. There are so many aliments accessible, you only have to know what components you have to include in your diet.

Start with organic food

If you want to connect with your inner spirit then you should start consuming whole foods, because they are the best of them all. If you do not know what aliments you should eat then you can join a psychic chat for free because readers are more than happy to share with you their lifestyle. If you will ask them what foods help them improve their psychic abilities, they will tell you that they eat fresh fruits, avocado, fresh vegetables, seeds, nuts, whole grains and only organic oil.

You should eat no more processed foods

If you want to change your lifestyle, then you should forget about processed food and opt for organic vegetables and fruits, seeds, nuts and everything that it is not genetically modified. Processed foods lose their vibes and you will not be able to communicate with your spirit if you continue to consume them. Also, you should try to cut out the quantity of meat you eat and get the needed intake of proteins from plant sources. And if you cannot get rid of meat from your diet, then you should make sure that you consume only food from ethical sources. The vibrations that come from ethically raised animals are higher than the ones from animals raised in a fearful environment.

What foods have high vibrations?

If you want to increase your psychic vibrations then you should try to include in your diet ingredients as raw seeds and nuts, ancient grains, coconut and olive oils, herbal teas, raw chocolate, brown rice, fermented foods and legumes. You should avoid aliments that are low in vibrations like alcohol, frozen foods, soda, coffee, white flour and rice, fish, poultry and meat. Not only the ingredients are important, in the process of reaching your inner spirit, but also the preparation of food. You prepare your meals for you and your loved ones and you should keep this in mind while you do it. Add love to everything you prepare and food will take into your body the sunshine and the vibrations of the Earth.


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